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The right light does more than illuminate. It enriches its environment and can elevate the ordinary to outstanding

We began more than 50 years ago as an electrical and lighting supplier for trade and private buyers, before opening our specialist lighting design division.

For the last 30 years, custom lighting design and manufacture has been our core business. We’ve created bespoke lights for clients all around the world, but at heart we’re a local company, living and working by family values. Our director is our chief designer, our team are loyal and long-serving. We work with British artisan craftsmen and craftswomen, source materials locally where possible, and verify the ethical supply chain of any materials or parts sourced overseas. Design, machining, manufacture, assembly and dispatch all happen here in our Hertfordshire factory, subject to a strict ISO 9001-accredited quality control system.

Respect for quality and workmanship. We source nothing but the best quality materials, shaped by expert craftspeople with love and precision. We’re proud of the products we make and we want them to last long into the future.