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Feel-good lighting tips for winter refurbishments

Planning a winter refurb? Keep customers coming back with the right mood-lighting

Many pubs, restaurants and hotels choose the new year to refurbish. Not only is this a good time to bring out the old and bring in the new – it also makes commercial sense to use the quiet period after the Christmas chaos to carry out any interior changes.

The term mood-lighting is well-known and often associated with romance and Valentines – which is also topical right now. However, there is a more scientific trend when it comes to lighting, wellbeing and hospitality. For many years hospitals have been trialling the effects of human-centric lighting - which replicates circadian rhythms - on patients’ wellbeing.

But more recently, these findings are being applied to the hospitality industry. Indeed, many of the panels and trends which came out of 2016’s lighting-related industry events involved ‘personal’ lighting of one type or another.

In addition, we are beginning to see this type of lighting used commercially by hotels, workplaces – and even cafes.

Your average local pub or bar may not have the budget for intelligent lighting which mimics our circadian rhythms (!) but that doesn’t mean lighting should be purely functional either. As we wrote about in our recent blog on intelligent seasonal lighting, changing a venue’s lighting to suit the nation’s mood/weather needn’t cost the earth – and it could make all the difference to footfall.

We’ve worked with venues of all sizes, including heritage buildings, over the last forty years. Whether you are an independent restaurant owner who wants to add instant attraction with some bespoke statement pieces, or an architect working with a chain of hotels investing in lighting for wellbeing - if you can imagine it, we can create it. Call us on 01462 441920 or email us at – our friendly team of lighting experts will be happy to help you.

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