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Eating fast and slow: The psychology of restaurant and bar lighting

A number of recent editorials have given us plenty of food for thought when it comes to the psychology of lighting, and in particular the part lighting plays in determining a venue’s success.


Are we sitting comfortably?

According to this piece in The Independent, not only is lighting the key element in ensuring diners feel comfortable and have a memorable experience, it can also help determine how long they stay.

The designers we work with are aware of this and ask us to create everything from over-booth low-lighting designed to relax and encourage diners to stay long into the night (and keep the orders coming), to bright statements with wow-factor for venues wanting to create a buzzing atmosphere (and turn tables quickly).


Seeing the light

These sentiments are backed up by this recent article which gives great examples of why design is as important as food in creating the right restaurant experience.

There is much mention of lighting in both articles, from making the table lighting as flattering as possible, to the practicalities of being able to see to get to your seat and decorative elements such as lighting that highlights the overall concept.


Summer nights

We’ve already blogged about the importance of the right seasonal lighting. Outdoor lighting is on everyone’s mind as the weather (finally) gets warmer and it’s about so much more than fairy lights and patio heaters. The ‘bringing the indoors out’ trend is set to continue and lighting is a key part of this. We’re seeing a lot of rustic chandeliers, outdoor table lamps and ornate statement lanterns.

This isn’t just about looks either, by investing in making outdoor spaces inviting, the venues we work with create an extended dining space – and the opportunity to further increase their income.

Whether you are a designer, architect or venue owner, we have 40 years’ experience of providing and installing bespoke lighting from our UK-based manufacturing premises. For any lighting related advice, call our friendly team on 01462 441920 or email us at

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