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Our name up in lights!

We recently installed lighting in a landmark building which was once a 1920s picture house. We’re excited to show you these images now the project is finished as this was no ordinary lighting project…

As you can see, the heritage building, which is now a thriving 900+ capacity bar and restaurant, has been beautifully re-stored and re-imagined with deco touches from its heyday.

With ceilings of 12 metres, when it came to lighting installation – you could say that expectations were (very) high! But we’re known for rising (sorry) to the challenge and going above (groan) and beyond.

Terrible height-related puns aside, we are used to working in unusual and listed spaces. It was important that we provided both off and on-site consultation during the design and installation stages to ensure that lighting was at the right height to perfectly create the vision and concept.

We think you’ll agree that the finished interior is impressive. Glowing stars and globes surrounded by gilded cages and golden orbs create a look reminiscent of the glamour of 1920s Hollywood. Because these lights are suspended on flexes of over nine metres, floating just above the heads of diners, they emphasise the high ceilings yet create an intimate atmosphere.

Softened pendants and spotlights compliment relaxing wood panelled and leather booth areas, while golden caged lighting creates brighter booths for diners. More glowing orbs hang from the ceiling at different heights to light the balcony area.

A large communal area displays a replica vintage movie camera, accentuated by different sized spotlights and multi-light pendants. Brass wall-lights highlight vintage movie posters, framed in matching brass, which line the walls of corridors.

The movies of the early 1920s may have been silent but we’d rather you talked to us when it comes to anything lighting-related. We have over 40 years’ experience, unique on-site manufacturing facilities and talented teams of local craftspeople that can create anything from one-off statement pieces to entire production runs.

We would love to discuss your vision, challenges or requirements. Call our experienced team on 01462 441920 or email us at

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