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Bar owners: As night falls, use intelligent lighting to increase footfall…

As with so many elements of design, when it comes to seasonal mood-setting, less is often more.  Despite the recent trends for brights and maximalism, as the colder weather sets in, it can often be a good idea to dial down lighting with a smattering of statement lamps and candles to entice passers-by off the streets and into your warm premises.

The longer nights create a wealth of opportunities for venues to present themselves in entirely new ways.  The bar without a garden which is less popular in the summer, with strategically placed armchairs, fireplaces and lamps, can become a beacon of cosiness to passing commuter trade in the winter.

The Danish have a word for this which is becoming increasingly popular here – ‘Hygge’.  It is a word which sums up everything that is cosy - basking in the warm glow of candles, roaring fires and being surrounded by friends and family.

Whatever the season, your choice of lighting can still reflect the origins of your premises or the theme of your business.  A bar design project we were involved with [pictured] was in a building which used to be a school house.  The designer came up with the brilliant concept of making piles of original local story books into lamps – reflecting both the history of the building and the local people.  The lamps our teams of tradespeople produced for her were placed in the windows and instantly brought a little history and ‘hygge’ to a stylish contemporary concept.

In the same way that we change the lighting of premises throughout the day, changing lighting throughout the seasons, particularly in a way which can be seen from outside, can make a significant difference to footfall.  And once you have them through the door, a selection of warming winter drinks should be all you need to persuade them to stay…

Whether you are a bar or restaurant owner, a designer or an architect, if you would like to discuss any kind of lighting – from statement pieces to bespoke production runs – our friendly, experienced team would be happy to help and advise.  Call us on 01462 441920 or email us at

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