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2017 hospitality design trends

We’re proud to have worked with some of the UK’s leading hospitality designers and architects over the last 40 years. Just one of the benefits of this is getting to hear their design trend predictions and then seeing them come to fruition. We loved this recent feature on hospitality design trends in Hotel News Now – and it was fantastic to read that many of the products we’ve custom-made for clients fitted perfectly with 2017 predictions. Having said that, the beauty of being a bespoke lighting manufacturer means that whatever the trend or however unique the concept – we can always deliver. Here are some of the Hotel News Now panels’ predictions for 2017 hospitality design that resonated with us – but we’d love to hear yours…

Warmer metallics

The trend for metallics continues, as do industrial themes generally, but 2017 is likely to see a move towards warmer metallics with more matte or brushed finishes. Industrial and metallic pendants are highly popular with many of the designers we work with. So much so that a couple of years ago, we began to develop unique finishes for metal shades so that we could achieve exactly the look that our clients wanted. Warmer metals such as brass, gold, bronze and black are expected to be popular.

Large lobbies and multi-purpose spaces

Another trend predicted by the panel was a return to larger hotel lobbies which could be used as reception, lounging and social spaces. Multi-purpose spaces delineated by design is something we increasingly encounter in our clients’ projects. We will often be asked for large statement pieces, booth lighting and production runs of wall fittings for different areas in the same room.

Found objects, trinkets and clean lines

As sustainability becomes a key concern for organisations of all sizes, the trend for reusing and recycling is set to continue. We love it when our clients set us a creative challenge to turn used items into lighting. The lights pictured are made from found oil drums and books for example. Clean and classic lighting has always been popular with our clients over the last 40 years and we believe it always will be. Our hand-blown borosilicate glass shades with brass fittings have never been more popular and we believe this is because of their timeless style.

We would love to hear your predictions for hospitality design in 2017. Whatever you need, with UK-based manufacturing, a team of highly skilled craftspeople and 40 years’ experience, we can certainly deliver. Call us on 01462 441920 or email us at for all things lighting related.

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